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At Thryve, we celebrate everyday adventure.

This site is a collection of thousands of activities across the breadth of the United Kingdom, lovingly curated to make adventure more accessible. Our aim is to promote outdoor activities that help people build confidence and feel more connected to nature.

In doing so, we recognise the tightrope we are walking. We want to share and celebrate the places we love without ruining the very things that make them so special: wildness, remoteness, solitude.

We acknowledge the impact that the internet and social media can have on our natural places, both for better and for worse. It is our hope that by promoting responsible adventure and helping people build positive connections with nature, we can encourage stewardship of our beautiful countryside and make a tangible contribution to the protection of our wild places in the future.

The Team

Neil Middlemass

Neil MiddlemassPartnerships

I’m not a city person. I’ve always felt more at home in the outdoors, in space, fresh air. I’ve always been quite a sporty person too but only put the two together in my later 20s – thanks partly to a back injury which put an end to my footballing days.

For me, adventure is a feeling, the feeling of doing something new, something out of your comfort zone – whether that’s racing down a single track trail, climbing a mountain or the smell of smoke on your clothes after cooking dinner over an open fire.

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Jasal Vadgama

Jasal VadgamaTechnology

I’m a tech guy. I grew up in the country but was always more into technology and cars than outdoor sport. Now living in the rush of Central London, not much has really changed.

I cycle a lot and have been bouldering for a little over a year but outdoor sports are new to me. Getting involved with this project was where my interest started and over the last few years I’ve been reconnecting with my countryside roots and discovering my sense of adventure.

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Leanne Downs

Leanne DownsContent

As a child I was really into nature. I was probably part of the last generation that grew up without mobile phones and computers, but as I entered my teens I spent less and less time outside. A couple of years ago, I climbed a mountain for the first time and rediscovered my sense of adventure.

Adventure has become my antidote to the stresses and strains of having a desk job and life in general. I’ve felt the positive effects that spending time outside and trying new things has on both physical health and mental wellbeing. It has the power to change lives for the better.

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Katy Who

Katy WhoSocial Media

I am a writer, instagrammer and amateur photographer from the North West of England. Adventure has always been a significant part of my life: my childhood playgrounds were the forests of Lancashire, the West Pennine moors and mountains, valleys and lakes of the Lake District. Throughout my life, I have relied on the great outdoors to inspire my creative writing and my home landscapes feature heavily on my blog, in journal articles and in my (work-in-progress) novels.

For me, there is nothing more comforting or inspiring than the tell-tale achy muscles and rosy cheeks that come after a chilly, outdoor adventure

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I like barking, humans, other dogs, my ball, cats, cheese, attention and sniffing things. I’m not so keen on swimming and don’t even get me started on grapes.

Leanne likes to take me on adventures with her and my job at Thryve is to show that adventures can be dog friendly too. So far I’ve been hiking, wild camping, canoeing and even mountain biking. Perhaps I’ll try hang gliding next.

Oh, and if you’re wondering – I’m a Samoyed breed and can trace my roots back to Western Siberia.

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