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For the intrepid amongst us, caving is an exciting and challenging activity. Traverse the hidden underground worlds beneath our feet on a professionally-lead trip that will cater for all abilities and confidence levels. The effort required to crawl, squeeze and climb through the underground cave networks will be rewarded with stunning views of the fascinating natural caverns and waterways.

Caving, also known as potholing or spelunking, is the exploration of natural cave systems. This outdoor recreational activity requires participants to crawl, squeeze and climb, as well as negotiate potential water hazards, around networks of caves.

While sometimes categorised as an ‘extreme sport’, with the proper equipment and prior assessment of the environment caving can be enjoyed by all levels and abilities.

Where to go Caving

Caving Guides

Caving guides will provide all the equipment you need, including ropes and harnesses, overalls, helmets, pads and wellies, as well as route guidance and instruction.

    Caving Inspiration

    Pull on your overalls, flick on your head torch and crawl in the kneesteps of our Everyday Adventurers.

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