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Climbing is an activity that has many forms and, depending on your ability, confidence and preference, there’s a form for everyone. The rising popularity of indoor walls and the variety of climbing centres offering lessons and guidance has made it even easier to break into this exciting activity. There are great places to climb all over the UK so wherever you are, there will be somewhere near to put your climbing skills to the test.

Climbing is an activity which usually involves getting from the bottom to the top of a cliff, mountain or an artificial climbing wall by holding on to natural features or man-made holds. Climbers are often aided by a harness and rope system to fix themselves onto the surface they are climbing for safety.


Climbing Guides

Climbing guides will provide everything you need to climb safely, including ropes, harnesses and helmets, as well as providing instruction on technique and route mapping.

    Climbing Inspiration

    Pull on your harness, squeeze into your climbing shoes and step in the footholds of our Everyday Adventurers.

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