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Foraging and Wild Cooking

There are few better ways to connect with nature than to source your own food from the environment. Foraging is a family-friendly activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Now a leisurely pastime in the UK, the acts of foraging and outdoor cooking are deeply rooted in our history. Back when we were hunter-gatherers, we sourced all of our food through searching for animals and plants to eat from the wild and cooked over fire. Knowledge was shared within communities about the best times of year and places to find certain wild edibles, and the best ways to cook them. When we forage today, we are benefitting from years of accumulated knowledge.

Foraging and Wild Cooking Inspiration

Grab your basket, prepare the fire and follow in the footsteps of our Everyday Adventurers.

Foraging Guides

Foraging is not without its dangers and you should never pick what you can’t identify. Read our guides on how to start foraging safely and responsibly.

What to forage in the UK

Foragers are spoiled for choice on our temperate isle. Here are a selection of our favourite things to forage for in the UK.


Cooking over an open fire using foraged ingredients can be delicious too. Here are a few of our favourite recipes.

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