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Gorge Walking

Known as ‘the little brother’ of canyoning, gorge walking is a less technical riff on canyoning, requiring neither ropes nor specific skills. The slower pace of this activity provides more time to explore and take in the unique, river-level view of the rocky, dramatic gorges. On a guided walk with the right equipment, gorge walking can be an incredibly exciting and interesting activity for both adults and older children.

Gorge walking involves travelling in canyons; deep ravines in the landscape which are usually carved by rivers, eroding the surrounding materials away. Widely considered a water activity, the techniques used to travel through these include a mixture of hiking, scrambling, climbing, jumping and swimming.

Where to go Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking Guides

Gorge walking guides guides will provide all the equipment you need, including wetsuits and helmets, as well as guidance and instruction along the route.

    Gorge Walking Inspiration

    Pull on your wetsuit, don your helmet and splash into the footsteps of our Everyday Adventurers.

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