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Hang Gliding

Experience a bird’s eye view of the UK landscape as you soar across the sky. With many guides offering tandem flight for beginners, the feeling of flight is closer than you might think.

Hang gliding is an air sport in which a trained pilot and participant fly a lightweight glider powered by the wind. Although there is no motor involved, hang gliders have full control of their trajectory. The pilot is suspended in a harness beneath a 9-meter frame. Control of the glider is primarily exercised by shifting body weight in opposition. A foot launch in which the pilot faces into the wind and runs down a slope until airborne is the most common method of taking off. Training schools often utilise a tow method for take off which takes less physical effort and allows a more controlled environment.

Hang Gliding guides in the UK

Guides will provide everything you need to experience hang gliding safely, including helmet and flying suit.