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Wild Swimming

Wild swimming is now a hugely popular activity, with the rise of beautiful, ‘Instagrammable’ locations and new research on the health benefits of open water swimming. There is a huge amount of information available on wild swimming, from safety tips to location recommendations, so wherever you find yourself in the UK, a quick dip can always be on the cards.

The UK has many lakes and rivers which are suitable for swimming in, as well as plenty of spots along our vast coastline. Wild swimming and open water swimming has grown in popularity over the past few years, but it is something people have enjoyed for as long as we have existed, before man-made pools were created. If you have the ability to swim then you can enjoy wild swimming at any age. However, even shallow water can present dangers, so care must be taken at all times when in or near water, with careful consideration for your own ability and the changeable conditions of the place you have chosen to swim.

Where to go wild swimming

Wild Swimming Inspiration

Hold your nose, jump in and follow in the strokes of our Everyday Adventurers.

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