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Berryhill Crag

Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland, TD12 4TP


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berryhill-crag climbing northumberland


Berryhill Crag is near the Scottish Border in Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland.

This is a large south facing sandstone crag which has a lot of easy climbing for those who are just starting out. There are around 57 climbs in total with two roof routes and these are all single pitch. There are also some good low grade boulder problems on the small walls before the crag, the free-standing boulders and on the main crag.

Parking is possible in the farm lane nearby.

Before you go

  • The location shown is for guidance only and is not exact. It is important to assess for yourself the quality of the rock and its suitability for climbing. You may find that the weather and other influences cause conditions to differ from one visit to another. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route to this location. Before climbing here, please check for access restrictions and information on the British Mountaineering Council Website.

    If your climb is in a remote place, such as in a mountainous area which may require a long hike to the spot, you should also follow the same safety recommendations required for hillwalking/mountaineering.

  • There are no facilities here, so make sure you come prepared with everything you need for your visit.