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Sweeping grass plainsCheshire

The lowlands of the Cheshire Plains meander over windswept moorland, rocky crags and wide-open, ambling agricultural pastures. Wander the unique bridges and locks on the Macclesfield canal or follow in the footsteps of the most famous of British wizards: Merlin. North Wales lies to the west, and the Peak District rises to the east, which makes Cheshire the perfect location to explore the undulating landscapes of England’s acclaimed north west and further afield.

The county of Cheshire lies in the North-west England and has many areas of beautiful countryside, such as the agricultural lowlands of the Cheshire Plains and the windswept moors and hills of the Peak District National Park, which is partially encompassed by the county’s borders. It also has rich, vibrant urban and industrial areas, which are steeped in history just waiting to be explored.

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