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Sands of timeIsle Of Wight

Two miles from the coastline of England, an island sits in the warm sunlight that shines over the English Channel. With multicoloured sand, crystalline waters and a fascinating geological history, The Isle of Wight has attracted visitors from far and wide for decades. Canter on horseback along the shoreline, try and spot some of the beautiful and varied wildlife that call the island home, feel the cool breeze roll off the sea and soak in the sunshine of a slow-lived summer’s day.

The Isle of Wight is a county and the largest and second most populated island in England. It is located in the English Channel, off the coast of Hampshire, separated from the mainland by the Solent. The quickest public transport links to and from the island are from Southsea in Portsmouth by hovercraft, or by ferry shuttle from Southampton, Lymington and Portsmouth.

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