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High Coast, Heather and HistoryNorth York Moors

Dramatic coastlines, crumbling ruins, huge expanses of heather-strewn moorland and abundant, mystical forests cover the wild landscape of the North York Moors. This area of the UK has inspired artists and authors for generations, and has a rich, fascinating history. To discover the best that this gorgeous landscape has to offer, you can wander through the 554 square miles of undisturbed dales, kayak, swim or surf along the 26 miles of beautiful coastline or explore the mystical forests and magical moors on foot, horseback or by bicycle. However you choose to explore, the North York Moors and guaranteed to bewitch anyone who ventures there.

The North York Moors National Park is one of the largest areas of heather moorland in the United Kingdom covering an area of over 550 square miles. It has had national park status since 1952 and has a long rich history, with thousands of known archaeological sites and features, as well as long farming history.

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