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Sandy shores & Coastal CastlesNorthumberland

Forty miles of dramatic coastline with beaches that stretch endlessly along the shoreline and crumbling castles that watch over this famously stunning Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Whatever the weather, Northumberland offers a uniquely magical landscape, where legend is tangible and ever-present. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne stands sentinel off the North East coast and Kielder Forest spreads its roots over two hundred and fifty square miles in the centre of this county. Sea kayak along the moody coastline or wander the magical forest trails: adventure is inevitable in Northumberland.

Northumberland borders Scotland to the north and is the northernmost county in England. Also bordering Cumbria to the west and having a North sea coastline, it is well placed for some of the very best adventure activities England has to offer. It is perhaps most well known for Hadrian’s Wall and its high moorlands and the Northumberland National Park, a raw undeveloped landscape where visitors flock every year to explore and get back to nature. It is also surprisingly often, a good place to spot the Northern Lights but despite its beauty and popularity for tourists and holidaymakers, Northumberland is the most sparsely populated county in England.

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