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Moorland, Crags & CavesYorkshire Dales

With wide-open heather moorland framed by dramatic rock formations, wildflower meadows and echoes of a lost, industrial past, The Yorkshire Dales are a uniquely beautiful example of heritage and nature existing hand-in-hand. Go caving in the number-one caving area in Britain, wander the snaking pathways that sidle through open countryside, quaint villages, by rivers and past waterfalls. Whatever the weather, this is a fascinating landscape filled with folklore, history, nature and tales of old.

The Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Dales National Park is in the Pennine Hills area of Northern England, a picturesque area of upland, famed for its vast expanses of heather moorland and intricate cave systems. The National Park incorporates much but not all of the Dales within its boundaries.

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