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We believe that building a passionate community around accessible adventure is the best way to get more people active and outdoors.

Meet the Everyday Adventurers

Our Everyday Adventurers are people with regular day jobs, who enjoy fitting adventure into their day-to-day life and who love to share their passion for the outdoors.

Kirsten Amor

Kirsten AmorLondon

Growing up in a small town in Florida, I always wanted to swap the beaches for mountains and forests. After moving to the UK, I decided to make up for lost time and have been exploring every square inch since.

Adventure and the outdoors has always played a central role in my life. Whether it was working as an archaeologist, writing about the outdoors and travel, and even guiding groups up mountains and trails, I have always wanted others to capture the same sense of excitement I feel when venturing outside.

For me, adventure is about pushing my limits, whether that’s on a board, wheels or my own two feet.

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Ewan Stott

Ewan StottCheshire

Adventure is very much a part of me. In fact, I think I would be a little lost without it.

I was brought up in an adventurous family and it’s the same sense of freedom I had as a child that I still love and now chase in adventures. I find a trip to the mountains is a fantastic way to unwind and escape the hecticness of everyday life.

For me, there is nothing that comes close to the feeling of accomplishment in completing an adventure. I believe adventure has a very powerful impact on people which is why I’m passionate about helping people discover their own adventure.

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Chelsea Haden

Chelsea HadenNorth Wales

Now based in North Wales, I’m an ex-city girl, once deprived of adventures inspired by the natural world.  My approach to adventure is a slow and mindful one with a focus on the journey rather than the destination. I won’t be charging to the tops of mountains or trying to set a new record – I’m far too lazy for that and easily distracted by a glorious view along the way.

Adventure for me means pushing and setting boundaries, discovering new things about myself and learning to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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Emily Rowntree

Emily RowntreeLake District

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been compared to a golden retriever; I’m straight out of the door at the mention of a walk or a swim. For me the outdoors is about exploring every corner, staying curious and remembering to make time for play.

Getting outside has become a non-negotiable part of my everyday life now, a remedy for the often hectic and screen-facing world I find myself in. I’m always on the lookout for a challenge, be it on wheels, boards, mud, snow or water.

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Chris Walker

Chris WalkerDenbighshire

Growing up on the edge of the Hiraethog moorland in Wales, I’ve always found comfort in wild landscapes.

I get an immense amount of satisfaction from engaging with a world that exists outside (and some times in spite) of the human experience. As a child I was often at the mercy of the Welsh weather, sometimes being kept from school for days due to 6ft snowdrifts; these encounters truly imbued in me a sense of awe at the power of nature.

Adventure is not only a form of relaxation and release but also the opportunity to explore and experience what nature has achieved. For me, this puts everything into perspective and provides a sense of peace you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

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Zoe Homes

Zoe HomesThe Cotswolds

Based in the Cotswolds, I work full time in corporate communications, but do my best to fit in time outdoors for all kinds of adventures at the weekends, in my holidays, and even in my lunch breaks. I blog my way through life and my beast of a bucket list over at, trying to make the most of the little moments, and doing my very best to spend a little bit of time outside every day.

As an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion, I believe that the outdoors is there for everyone to enjoy and explore in their own way. I use time outside to think, breathe, motivate myself, discover and learn, and, most importantly, to get away from the seated and computer based world that has become normal. I live by the line “life is all about the journey”, and hate to look at the world through a window, knowing that views are best when you are a part of them.

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Rona McMillan

Rona McMillanScottish Highlands

Going on adventures and exploring new ground has been a huge part of my life for as long as I remember.

I grew up in rural Scotland, in an area on the west coast that is a playground for outdoor fun. My brothers and I had the freedom to explore from day one – we learnt to swim in the sea and spent every weekend in the hills, in the water, building fires and camping… even if it was only in the garden.

I am now an outdoor lifestyle writer based in Glasgow blogging honest and personal accounts of my adventures. Hopefully by doing so I can encourage lots of people to join me in enjoying life outside.

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Abigail Mann

Abigail MannNorfolk

I’m a writer and editor’s assistant who lives between Norfolk and London. I come from a family that was always outside on the weekend, either in the woods, at the beach, or on the Broads. It’s where I feel most content. When in London, I like to find the hidden, green spots of the city. Back home in Norfolk I’ll often borrow my brother’s spaniel to join me as a walking companion.

I use nature as a tonic for when I’m stuck in a rut at my writing desk. I always feel more energetic and creative when I come back with pink cheeks and tired legs.

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Katy Who

Katy WhoLancashire

I am a writer, instagrammer and photographer from the North West of England. Adventure has always been a significant part of my life: my childhood playgrounds were the forests of Lancashire, the West Pennine moors and mountains, valleys and lakes of the Lake District. Throughout my life, I have relied on the great outdoors to inspire my creative writing and my home landscapes feature heavily on my blog, in journal articles and in my (work-in-progress) novels.

For me, there is nothing more comforting or inspiring than the tell-tale achy muscles and rosy cheeks that come after a chilly, outdoor adventure

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Zoe Holland

Zoe HollandEast Sussex

I’m a writer, teacher and parent based in East Sussex: a stone’s throw from the South Downs and the Ashdown Forest. I’ve always loved an adventure. I spent my twenties chasing the snow as an avid snowboarder working back-to-back ski seasons in France and New Zealand. Travel and adventure is part of who I am.

As my family has grown I’ve enjoyed finding ways to embrace a love of adventure that suits us all. I’m an advocate for the positive implications that spending time together as a family outdoors can have on our relationships and mental health. But of course, best of all, it’s just all round great fun!

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Matt Holland

Matt HollandBerkshire

I have always been involved or doing something in the outdoors. For the past twenty years I have been involved with Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh award, with the last ten years as an outdoors leader teaching and educating groups about the outdoors and expeditions.

Activities like camping and hiking have become my favourite pastimes, second only to my love of photography. I enjoy combining my two passions to capture the moments we spend outdoors no matter the weather, and I love sharing my adventures, trips and photography to inspire others.

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Katy Billington

Katy BillingtonDumfries and Galloway

Living in Dumfries and Galloway, I am lucky to have some incredible places on my doorstep to run, hike, bike and swim. I find being outside encompasses the best of extremes. I like the solitude of the outdoors as much as meeting new folk (and dogs) on the trail, I like the challenge of pushing myself further as much as recharging in nature and I like noticing the tiny world at my feet as much as admiring the vast views.

I especially love adventures with a bit of camping or bothy time thrown in. For me, there is no greater feeling than the one that comes when you step out of your front door with everything you need to sleep, eat and survive in the wild strapped to your back or bike. Though, after a long day in the saddle, the taste of a panier-battered biscuit washed down with a cup of stove-brewed tea might come close.

Neil Middlemass

Neil MiddlemassLondon

I’m not a city person. I’ve always felt more at home in the outdoors, in space, fresh air. I’ve always been quite a sporty person too but only put the two together in my later 20s – thanks partly to a back injury which put an end to my footballing days.

For me, adventure is a feeling, the feeling of doing something new, something out of your comfort zone – whether that’s racing down a single track trail, climbing a mountain or the smell of smoke on your clothes after cooking dinner over an open fire.

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Leanne Downs

Leanne DownsKent

Born in Kent, England, I grew up building dens in hawthorn hedgerows and wandering through the rows of pear tree orchards, connecting to nature in a very simple way. I grew up having never seen a mountain or travelling outside of the South of England, so when I finally did so, it sparked in me a thirst for exploring landscapes wilder than those of where I grew up.

In the last few years, I have enjoyed getting to know the natural world more deeply, discovering new and more adventurous ways of doing so. I have come to enjoy wild camping, hiking, hillwalking and wild swimming. I have also enjoyed developing my plant knowledge, taking a particular interest in wild edibles, medicinal plants and fungi.

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Jemma Goulds

Jemma GouldsLondon

Although based in London, I’m secretly in love with bleak, dramatic landscapes and I cannot choose whether the forest or the sea are my happy places. I love both.

I cherish having mini adventures with my husband and our 4 little people but believe it’s the tiny moments that makes a true adventure – it doesn’t have to be a wild camping, hiking, sea kayaking kind of day to make it an adventure. An adventure for you may be a walk through local woods, a quick paddle in a river, or simply having a picnic in your garden. Every day is full of magic moments which collectively define adventure.

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Luke Smith & Nell Sleet

Luke Smith & Nell SleetScottish Highlands

We’re a couple who love travel, but with a difference: we’re taking the slow way round the world and seeing it on foot. There’s something about walking. The fresh air and the simple, natural rhythm of it appeals to humans, fits with us.

Our type of walking is not an endurance hike or race. It’s just walking at a simple, everyday human speed. Travelling to experience and absorb as much of what we pass through as possible: the cultures, the details – big and little. Slow, simple, seasonal, personal.

We love to walk to travel, and to experience the health and wellbeing benefits. Not just to physical health, but mental too. A whole lot of space opens up when you start to walk. It’s like your brain slows and regulates to mirror the slow, steady measure of your feet.

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Patrick Wheeler

Patrick WheelerSussex

I’m a builder from the weald below the gentle hills of Sussex. Having the South Downs as my backdrop has inspired the creative side of life and the hills have been my go-to place for quick, easy access adventure.

I’m happiest when doing something and being under a roof makes me feel a little bit trapped so more often than not, I am outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, riding Rodrick the Red (my bicycle) or tip-toeing along the deer trails of Sussex, I love to observe the tiny details that make up the place I call home.

An adventure is everywhere and endless. Adventure is a state of mind.

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Veronika Cesalova

Veronika CesalovaCairngorms

Growing up in the Scouts and travelling the world inspired me to always look for a time in the nature to relax and recharge. I moved from busy and bustling London to the wild openness of the Scottish Highlands to make adventure part of my everyday life.

Adventure teaches me to trust myself, to be stronger both physically and mentally and to challenge my limits. I love the feeling of achievement when you get to the top of the mountain, and relish the quiet thinking time found whilst staring into a fire. They fuel me with energy to chase my dreams.

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