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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team of Everyday Adventurers. Thryve aims to be a valuable resource to help people to plan and experience accessible but unforgettable adventures. We would love to hear from outdoor enthusiasts who want to inspire and encourage others to enjoy all the wonderful experiences the UK has to offer, by becoming part of our Everyday Adventurer community and sharing your experiences.

Who is an Everyday Adventurer?

An Everyday Adventurer is someone who loves exploring the UK landscape in an adventurous way, whether that’s hiking on foot, canoeing along its waterways, mountain biking its trails or paragliding across its skies. They are skilled writers, photographers and storytellers who love to help and inspire others to live more adventurously. They are people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities, working 9 to 5s and raising kids, walking their dogs and embracing retirement, showing that adventure really is for everyone.

Our team of Everyday Adventurers regularly contribute stories to Thryve to help others discover adventure and are rewarded for each submission that successfully makes it onto the site. We typically pay £200 for each published article.

What is an Everyday Adventure?

Everyday Adventures are a collection of real and relatable stories designed to inspire people to try something new and get outdoors in the UK. You can read previous Everyday Adventures here.

These stories are not step by step accounts of an adventure or reviews of activity providers, they are the story of your adventure and they work best when they incorporate your emotions or some kind of intention or backstory. Previous adventurers have explored topics from overcoming fear to trying something new, reconnecting with nature and finding solitude in popular areas of the UK.

Writing Style

We look for inspiring writing and we think this works best when written in the present tense. Writing the adventures this way makes them more immersive and more evocative, allowing readers to understand what it is really like to climb a mountain or camp under the stars.

You can familiarise yourself with the writing style by looking at previous stories.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice should be entirely your own. Remember though, that the aim is to inspire. We want people to read your story and think ‘I want to do that’ but perhaps more importantly ‘I can do that.’ We understand that adventures don’t always go to plan and sometimes there are aspects to them that are frustrating – that’s type 2 fun for you. If you didn’t enjoy parts of your adventure, be honest but be positive, if you can.


Imagery should be beautiful, immersive and tell the story of your adventure.

In the very least, your images should show a good variety of perspectives from your adventure. They should show a mixture of your surroundings, depict the activity you are undertaking in some way and show some of the smaller details to help tell the story. For example, if your story is about camping and canoeing in the Cairngorms, we would hope to see:

  • Wider shots of the landscape such as the surrounding hills and forests, or the lakes and rivers you are canoeing on.
  • Close-up shots such as ripples in the water, reeds on the banks of the river, food you ate or the tip of your canoe. Be creative.
  • Shots with and without people – including yourself

Photography Guidelines

  • Images should be taken on a dedicated camera instead of a smartphone
  • Your camera should be able to capture images over 12 megapixels
  • Shoot using the RAW setting on your camera. Failing that, large JPEGS no smaller than 3000 x 3000 will be fine.
  • Images should be sharp and not overly grainy, over edited or obviously filtered. You can see examples of suitable photography all over Thryve.

Delivery Guidelines

If you have an adventure planned and want to submit it afterwards, please keep the guidelines above in mind. If you have already completed an adventure you want to share, send your proposal to us at and include:

  • A brief outline of your adventure
  • A 200-word sample of your story
  • A minimum of 10 high-quality images (a mix of landscape and portrait ideally) which tell the story of your adventure (please upload to wetransfer and copy the download link into your email). Raw and unedited files are fine, however if you prefer to make your own edits, please provide full size JPEGs and keep our image guidelines and the style of photography we use site-wide in mind for your edit.

You may send us your first draft in full if you prefer. This should be around 1,000 words and be written in accordance to the guidance above. Please either attach a Word Document to the email or provide a link to a Google Doc in your email.

What happens next?

We aim to review all submissions within a couple of weeks but sometimes this may take longer, so please bear with us. If your submission is successful, we will work with you to make sure it is perfect before going live on the site, this may mean a couple of re-works. Once the piece has been finalised and published, we pay you for your submission.

We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!